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Unearthing the facets of crisis history in crisis communication:

A conceptual framework and introduction of the Crisis History Salience Scale

LaShonda L. Eaddy 

Unearthing the Facets Image.jpg

Crisis history tellers matter

 Highly Commended   
      Paper Award   
     Emerald Publishing

2019 Emerald Literati Awards

The effects of crisis history and crisis

information source on publics’ cognitive and affective responses to organizational crisis

LaShonda L. Eaddy & Yan Jin

Crisis History Teller Matter.png

How financial crisis history informs 

ethical corporate


Insights from corporate communication leaders

Yan Jin, Lucinda Austin, LaShonda L. Eaddy, Shelley Spector, Bryan Reber, Camila Espina

How Financial Crisis HIstory Informs ...


The evolving complexity of crisis issues: The role of crisis history

LaShonda L. Eaddy & Shelley Spector

In Y. Jin, B. H. Reber, & G.J. Nowak (Eds.), Advancing Crisis Communication Effectiveness: Integrating Public Relations Scholarship with Practice, (Abingdon, UK: Routledge)

Advancing Crisis Communication Effective
Elegant Abstract Background


The Washington Post
Made By History

Crises can turn into a positive for savvy businesses
January, 3, 2022

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Contemporary Crisis Leadership: Social Media Contemplations on Culture, Purpose, Mitigation, & Opportunities

Public Relations & Communications Association

PR Women Who Changed History: Using Public Relations for the
Public Good

The Museum of Public Relations

PRCA 2.jpeg

PR Hangover Podcast: Street Smart

Grand Valley State University

Public Relations Student Society of America Chapter

PR Hangover Image.jpeg

PRSA BEPS Ethics Outreach Webinar: Expertise

Public Relations Society of America

BEPS Webinar - Expertise- May 2021b.jpg
2021 Museum of PR Image.jpeg

Internal and External Communication Challenges During a        
Health Crisis

Crisis Communication Think Tank
University of Georgia

2021 Crisis Think Tank Panel.jpeg


SNL, Wells Fargo Act Quickly to Avert Crisis

By: Seth Arenstein

PR News Crisis Insider

How the Digital Age Is Changing Information Flow

By: Mark Hendricks

The Holmes Report

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"While crisis managers and organizational leaders probably remember previous crises, they frequently haven’t learned from the history or improved organizational practices and infrastructure in moments when their companies are not in crisis" - Dr. LaShonda L. Eaddy

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