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Principles of Public Relations


Crisis Management

This course introduces students to the crisis phases, proactive crisis management, and crisis communication theory. Guest speakers provide valuable insight related to the topics being covered in the course. Students gain valuable experience through a service learning opportunity to provide crisis management consultations for a non-profit client.

Students learn about the birth of the industry as well as challenges to legitimacy. They spend semester learning about different models of public relations as well as a variety of jobs within the field. Student complete a service learning plan with a local client and identify the type(s) of public relations being practiced and provide insight based on what they learned during the semester. 

Public Relations Principles

Communication and Data Analytics

This course introduces students to communication research and data analytics, exposing them to qualitative and quantitative research methods. Students learn how to plan, conduct, analyze, and report primary research.




She made the environment conducive to learning which made me excited about going to class...

"This is the third class I have had Dr. Eaddy for, and it was by far my favorite. She is so supportive of us and made class fun. I think that she made the environment conducive to learning which made me excited about going to class and made me more willing to learn. The examples and projects in this class also really helped me learn and get a better feel for the material in real-life settings. Also, this is the only class I had this year where the textbook actually came in handy and helped with learning. I’m really happy I got to take this with Dr. Eaddy!"

Amazing time...

“I had an amazing time in this class and have enjoyed every moment spent with Dr. Eaddy”

Offered an open space...


“The instructor offered an open space to discuss topics.”

I have grown immensely...

“I have developed a deep understanding of different communication models, internal and external communications, and what public relations truly is. I feel that I have grown immensely as a public relations practitioner and have developed high expectations for the field overall.”


“Our class discussions were so valuable to me… I feel more confident going into my internship this summer.”

Students views were heard and understood...

“The professor did a good job of making sure students' views were heard and understood.”


Public Relations


Special Topics:
Crisis History Considerations

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"While crisis managers and organizational leaders probably remember previous crises, they frequently haven’t learned from the history or improved organizational practices and infrastructure in moments when their companies are not in crisis" - Dr. LaShonda L. Eaddy

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